​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Welcome to ENESKAY! 
Making human connections, collaborating to achieve goals and delivering results drives me.
I have a passion for delivering quality services and successful solutions. 
I measure my success by my contributions to the success of others.
Let's connect and partner for your success!


Carol Anne McDuffy is the founder and owner of "ENESKAY." 
Carol established  ENESKAY in the early 1980's.  The company name is a tribute and entrepreneurial legacy for her three children, "N, S and K."

Carol created "ENESKAY Publishing LLC" in 2010 after learning the copyright and publishing business process.  Carol wanted to share her corporate experience and knowledge about the publishing process. ENESKAY Publishing enabled writers to become authors and provided end to end support services from manuscript review and edtitng to cover art design. 

Continually evolving  "ENESKAY Consulting" was created in 2016.
ENESKAY Consulting includes all of the previous services and expands into consultative services and community engagement.

Carol has a background in Human Behavior & Development: Information Technology; Project & Process Management; Communications & People Management. 

After a successful thirty-year professional career leading people and organizations, Carol retired to work full-time on writing and running her own business.
Carol published her first novel. “Unintentional” in 2010.
She  has also completed several other publications including:
 ~ a poetry collection presented in four small books 
    "LIFE" (1) Love, (2) Inspiration, (3) Forgiveness, (4) Evolution
 ~ a sci-fi short-story
     "Chocolate Child"

Carol is currently working on a new novel:
      “Six Towers” The Legacy of the Ellison Family.

You can preview the work on Carol's Books Page ;  ArchiveBlog  or
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/humanwriting/
Intagram: @carolamcduffy

When Carol is not writing or consulting, she spends her time facilitating educational workshops, conferences, panel discussions and seminars at 
" the Cedar Works, " a collaborative work-space. 

She is also a lead coordinator of the " Pentridge Children's Garden"
Pentridge Children's Garden

Carol currently lives in Philadelphia, PA U.S.A.