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  1. Jan. 19 Sat.
    Depression Symptoms & Treatment
    Facilitators: Gary Jones, MSW, LCSW Eugene McDuffy, Pastor, M. Div., CMFT
    Join us at this repeat community event to learn how you can receive help and how to help others that are dealing with depression. No Admission Fee
  2. Feb. 23, Sat
    Exploring Relationships
    Facilitator: Gary Jones, MSW, LCSW
    What makes a good relationship? How can we choose better relationships? This workshop explores the intricacies of building and maintaining good healthy relationships. Open to individuals and couples. Small Admission Fee
  3. March - 2019
    Author Signings To Be Announced
  4. April - 2019
    Author Signings To Be Announced
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 Details & RSVP
 Details & RSVP
 Details & RSVP